• Opportunity that includes every resident, regardless of their circumstances
  • Engagement involving residents, organizations and other community members
  • Embracing innovation and continuously supporting our residents
  • Promise to use the tools we have to support the ecosystem of Cole Harbour-Dartmouth
  • Accountability to our community to do the work, honour timelines and sustain momentum
  • Recognize our communities strengths and opportunities 
  • Communicate with resident we serve
  • Change policies and practices to support change in the community
The senior population is predicted to double by 2030. I am committed to build new and improved social, recreational, and health-related services to improve the quality of life for our seniors and loved ones. Giving back to those who have formed the foundation for our beautiful communities is both personal and essential work that is close to my heart.
As a fast-growing community many rely on public transit. I am committed to enhance the transit network to cater and better serve our seniors, youth and residents.
Climate Change may be a global concern, yet impacts our local communities greatly. In the fight against climate change, advocacy and action need to start right here at home. I am committed to promote actions to address the Climate Change.

I’m passionate about the safety and accessibility of our community, as well as leveraging opportunities for growth. From traffic calming to affordable housing, and park and recreation maintenance to urban lake planning, I am committed to improving the enjoyability of our community for all residents. And our community is growing, with exponential opportunities for better urban planning, tourism marketing, and support improvements for our business districts.
An investment in youth is an investment in our future. I’m a strong advocate for empowering our youth to reach their full potential, and am committed to building opportunities, programs, resources and tools to lift them up and reach their goals and dreams.

I am known for being a voice for those who need to be heard. It is my fundamental belief that every voice deserves to be heard and I will work tirelessly to enhance the volume of those voices while advancing inclusivity and diversity progress and issues.